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27  August  2011

Pioneering Spirit , Tracing the Footsteps of Colonist John Adamson


23  March  2012

Historical Events of John Adamson from the Quaker Records


( Both  -     A MUST READ )



NOTICE:            NOTICE:             NOTICE:             NOTICE:

All quaker dates have been converted to the Gregorian Calendar. This will present
a more understandable and consistent view of early quaker dated events.

You need to review your records for this difference  (see article on Quaker Calendar in Left Margin).






Do you know any of your second cousins?  As we are doing our research on our lineage,  most likely a second or third or even a forth cousin may have information that is important in your research.   

This web page has been very successful in finding second and third cousins. When you submit your data to me and I display your lineage in the Researchers Database, your lineage will be seen by other Adamson researchers, and most likely one of your cousins will see and recognize your lineage.

When I see common lineage among researchers, I will notify both parties and exchange email addresses.  

It is very important that you advise me of changes in your  email address  and that You submit your information   to me.  I only show in the Researchers database the basic data, and nothing about living persons other than their name.  I have full control on what is displayed.

It is the mission of this site to provide the programs and electronic storage space
where genealogical information can be stored and retrieved by other researchers.


Using Rootsweb server and programs, A mail list Program is provided to have conversations of mutual interest, that can be easily shared with all subscribers.

Using the new Ancestry.com and Rootsweb server, a permanent storage of Queries, Obituaries, Bible Records, Biographies, Deeds, Pension, Wills and other catagories that can be stored by category and reviewed at the researchers convenience.

A genealogical database of Adamson Researchers.

A photograph album of ADAMSON tombstones.

A photograph album of Adamson Families.

A listing of facts and places named Adamson.

A place to disseminate information of mutual interest.

[Space is available for old photographs, maps, and other information]

This is your site and its success will depend upon your participation and assistance. Genealogical data

is not always available and hours, days, even years are needed sometimes to gather enough clues to

piece together the part of the puzzle that contains the information we need. Sharing of

information helps new researchers in finding the way and others by

providing new information not previously known.

This requires us to share.


If you have any questions, please contact me.

Jerry F. Adamson

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This site suggests message boards available to its users. Please remember
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and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.
If you ever have a concern about any information we may have about you, send us an email.

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